Press communication 12.18.2018

The main scientific results and methods developed within the CiPA3 project were included in a patent application submitted to the European Patenting Office on October 24, 2018 (application number EP18465611.4). The application contains a detailed description of the experimental and modeling methods combined in a new type of cardiac safety in vitro pharmacology assay, consisting in a combination of voltage-clamp and current-clamp protocols allowing measurement and computation of estimates of five cardiac ion current conductance surface densities, a fast parameter optimization algorithm for a modified O’Hara-Rudy 2011 model starting form these data and the initial action potential recording run during the 10-min interval required to apply a certain drug to the real cardiomyocyte approached by automated cytocentering patch-clamp, and computation using the optimized model of a current stimulus file including the sum of ion currents inhibited by that drug, applied to the real cardiomyocyte to restore the original AP shape distorted by the drug, as a validation of pharmacological effects and starting point to computation of predictors of proarrhythmogenic risk.